Everything You Need to Know About Family Law


Family law often involves feelings that are much more personal than those experienced when dealing with traditional legal matters. The attorneys at BareLaw Firm are always committed to seeking the least destructive and most effective route to resolving every case. Our attorneys are dedicated to assisting families in accomplishing their personal goals, while also helping them navigate the often complex areas of a family law case. We apply a proactive, but sensible, problem solving approach to the representation of our clients.

Child Custody

We can help you work out a custody agreement that is right for you and your child or represent you in litigating to achieve a desirable result. Issues related to child custody and visitation is often the most disputed issue in divorce proceedings. We help clients determine their goals and work through issues that can affect child custody including: children's schedules and needs, parent's schedules and needs, child support, tuition for college and private school, relocation issues and other related matters.

A child custody arrangement will generally determine which parent is to have physical custody and legal custody of the child, and when and how often the other parent is to have access to the child. We can help you with all aspects of your child custody issue, from creating visitation schedules to helping you resolve disputes. We feel that, in the realm of child custody, it is especially important to resolve disputes as quickly and amicably as possible. It is very unlikely that a drawn out courtroom battle would ever be in the best interests of the child.

If a custody order has already been entered in a case, and it can be shown that one of the parties is willfully not following the terms of the order, then the other party may file a specialized petition in family court seeking to hold the non complying party in contempt of court for not following the order. A party held in contempt may face penalties ranging from fines to incarceration. A Petition for Contempt filed by a party will normally be listed first before a Master who will write a report which will be available to the Judge at a subsequent hearing.


Our attorneys strongly advocate on behalf of victims of domestic violence or abuse, to protect them and to prevent further abuse. If you are the victim of domestic violence, please talk to us about options to protect your family. If you are accused of domestic violence of abuse, or have been served with a Protection from Abuse Order, it is extremely important that you seek legal advice immediately. Our lawyers stand ready and able to give you the advice and counsel that you need, in order to protect your interests.

If you are a victim of abuse by your partner or another family member, the attorney's at Bare Law Firm can file a petition in Court on your behalf for a Protection From Abuse restraining order. In order to be able to file a petition for a PFA, you must have been, or must be, a family member or in a relationship with the person who you want to file against. This can include your child, your parent, anyone related to you be blood or marriage, your spouse, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or the parent of your child.

A PFA can prevent the abuser from:

  • being physically near your place of work or school
  • stalking, threatening, harrassing, or abusing your relatives or you
  • having any guns or gun permits
  • entering your residence and evict and/or exclude the abuser even if it is also their residence



Our adoption attorneys are committed to growing families one child at a time. Every child deserves a caring and nurturing family, but the laws surrounding the adoption process can be difficult and complex to navigate.

We focus on many types of adoption including:

  • Domestic
  • Agency
  • Private
  • Same sex
  • Stepparent, second parent, and grandparent
  • Contested

The attorneys at Bare Law Firm will take the time to educate you about the adoption process, what the next step will be, and when you can expect to add your new child to your family. We take pride in bringing families together.