What We Can Do for You

We specialize in auto accidents, criminal defense, family law, personal injury, motorcycle injury, and more.

Injuries and Accidents

NO Attorney Fees If NO Recovery!
If you have suffered injuries from an accident, you need to know your legal rights.

Criminal Defense

Arrested? We can help! Bare Law Firm LLC provides a free office visit and consultation for criminal cases.

Family Law

Bare Law Firm LLC is dedicated to assisting families in accomplishing their personal goals while also helping them navigate the complexity of a family law case.

Bare Law Firm LLC

Protecting Your Legal Rights After an Injury Is Our Priority

Bare Law Firm LLC is a family-operated law firm located in the heart of downtown York, PA. We work together to provide you with the best legal defense and representation available. Our seasoned and compassionate attorneys—Atty. Douglas Bare, Atty. Chris Bare, and Atty. Taylor Bare—provide the information you need to make difficult decisions and get the care you need.


Our goal is to obtain the best possible results for our clients.

Why Trust Us

We treat our clients like family and maintain constant communication with you throughout the process. Our firm takes pride in building lasting relationships so that we can work on each case as best as we can.

Bare Law Firm LLC has obtained a 15 million-dollar Jury Award for an injured client. This award is one of the largest damages award ever in the area.

Client Testimonials


Thanks to everyone who has voted for us over the years! Our reputation is important to us and was earned by more than 34 years of hard work, results, and client satisfaction.


I have always been pleased with Attorney Bare's work. He is aggressive and on the ball. I can see why he has been voted many times "BEST of YORK" and the number one attorney in York, Pa. He is the best attorney around. I have recommended him to my friends and relatives and will recommend him to anyone who needs legal help.

-- Karen D. of York, Pennsylvania

After my first meeting with Bare Law Firm, he put my mind at ease and handled every detail of my case. He was there to listen, help and always called or contacted be to make sure everything was alright. He is very professional and understood what my family was going through. I have recommended him to friends, co-workers, and family members and he responded to each and every question. Bare Law Firm is my attorney of choice. 

-- Randi & Ronald C. of Spring Grove, Pennsylvania

For the last 20 years, when I needed legal help, I always turned to Attorney Bare.

-- Nancy R. of Dover, Pennsylvania

It is worth having Peace of Mind that comes with having the top representation. Attorney Bare put our fears to rest and treated our family with compassion and respect and aggressively fought our case. The conclusion was all we had hoped for. Never settle for less than the best. 

-- Keith and Lisa S. of Dover, Pennsylvania