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Our reputation is important to us and was earned by thirty(30) years of hard work, results, and client satisfaction. We are honored by testimonials we have received from previous clients.

Below are a few of those testimonials:

I have always been pleased with Attorney Bare's work. He is aggressive and on the ball. I can see why he has been voted many times "BEST of YORK" and the number one attorney in York, Pa. He is the best attorney around. I have recommended him to my friends and relatives and will recommend him to anyone who needs legal help.
-- Karen D. of York, Pennsylvania

After my first meeting with Douglas Bare, he put my mind at ease and handled every detail of my case. He was there to listen, help and always called or contacted be to make sure everything was alright. He is very professional and understood what my family was going through. I have recommended him to friends, co-workers, and family members and he responded to each and every question. Douglas Bare is my attorney of choice.
-- Randi & Ronald C. of Spring Grove, Pennsylvania

For the last 20 years, when I needed legal help, I always turned to Attorney Bare.
-- Nancy R. of Dover, Pennsylvania

It is worth having Peace of Mind that comes with having the top representation. Attorney Bare put our fears to rest and treated our family with compassion and respect and aggressively fought our case. The conclusion was all we had hoped for. Never settle for less than the best.
-- Keith and Lisa S. of Dover, Pennsylvania

We felt our case was much too confusing to deal with on our own. Attorney Bare's professionalism and timeliness in the handling of our case, lifted a huge burden and made the entire process very easy. The results were more than we ever expected.
-- Justin and Christine G. of York, Pennsylvania

He is an awesome attorney to work with, and I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Additionally, his staff is awesome too!.
-- Shanna M. of York, Pennsylvania

I have always known Attorney Bare to be very up front on any legal matter. Any other attorney seems to just want your money. Attorney Bare is at the top of my list. He is always warm and never judgmental. This is what I like about him.
-- Alta L. of Manchester, Pennsylvania

I find Attorney Bare to be honest and caring about my case. He gave me the facts straight forward, and he got results. I have recommended him to other people and will continue to do so.
-- Cathy W. of Biglerville, Pennsylvania

I have recommended him to all of my family and friends and feel very safe in doing so. Attorney Bare is on time, has integrity, and is very organized. Attorney Bare does what he says he will do. He tells you what to expect regarding your case and how to get what you want.
-- Ellen M. of Jacobus, Pennsylvania

I think Attorney Bare is a great attorney. He has helped me in my case with a tremendous result. Attorney Bare is definitely recommendable to anyone.
-- Larry D. of York, Pennsylvania

No other attorney saw that I had a case except Attorney Bare. He got more than I expected and worked diligently in obtaining my settlement. He has the best secretary, Darla, she looked after my case very efficiently. Thank you the Law Firm of Douglas Bare.
-- Charles F. of York, Pennsylvania

We could not have done this without Attorney Bare. The Law Firm of Douglas Bare is great!
-- Janine and Tim H. of Stewartstown, Pennsylvania

Several years ago, my family was faced with an overwhelming situation with our children. Our two children were in a traumatic accident that left us with an unknown future as well as the uncertainty of what we needed to do to be sure that they would be provided for long term. The immediate inquiries from insurance providers were overwhelming and as a result, we went to The Law Firm of Douglas Bare for guidance. Today, our children are happy, healthy and active boys with a very bright future. Douglas Bare removed all concern and burden of the unknown all the while keeping the primary focus on our children and their future. My husband and I would highly recommend Attorney Bare. His professionalism and experience provided direction and knowledge that were second to none!
-- Troy and Jane P. of Red Lion, PA