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Domestic Violence

Our attorneys strongly advocate on behalf of victims of domestic violence or abuse, to protect them and to prevent further abuse. If you are the victim of domestic violence, please talk to us about options to protect your family. If you are accused of domestic violence of abuse, or have been served with a Protection from Abuse Order, it is extremely important that you seek legal advice immediately. Our lawyers stand ready and able to give you the advice and counsel that you need, in order to protect your interests.

If you are a victim of abuse by your partner or another family member, the attorney's at Bare Law Firm can file a petition in Court on your behalf for a Protection From Abuse restraining order. In order to be able to file a petition for a PFA, you must have been, or must be, a family member or in a relationship with the person who you want to file against. This can include your child, your parent, anyone related to you be blood or marriage, your spouse, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or the parent of your child.

A PFA can prevent the abuser from:

  • being physically near your place of work or school

  • stalking, threatening, harrassing, or abusing your relatives or you

  • having any guns or gun permits

  • entering your residence and evict and/or exclude the abuser even if it is also their residence

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