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Criminal Justice System Procedures

  1. Crime Occurs

  2. Victim or Witness report crime to Police

  3. Police Investigation - Victim or Witness Interviewed

  4. Victim may contact Victim/Witness Department

  5. Suspect Not Arrested or Released
    -or- Criminal Complaint Filed and Suspect Arrested or Notified by Mail

  6. Suspect Charges as a Defendant. Arraignment by District Justice. Bail set and date set for Preliminary Hearing
    -or- If Suspect is under 18 years old then Juvenile Court

  7. Prelilminary Hearing Held:
    • Case Dismissed
      -or- Case Bound over to Court

      1. Arraignment - Trial Date Set

      2. Pre-Trial Conference

      3. Plea Agreement -or- Trial in Court

      4. Not Guilty: Defendant Released
        Guilty: Sentencing by Court

        • Pre-Sentence Report

        • Sentencing

        • Post-Sentence Motions

        • Appeals to Higher Courts

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